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There are various types of accommodation along the Aspromare trek, from B&B to small hotels to private accommodation in the inland villages. Authenticity is the element that most unites all the moments dedicated to rest during the trekking; distinctive note of a population of peasants and fishermen with the vocation of hospitality sometimes spartan, but certainly always a great experience.
Moving from the sea to the hill certainly changes the way you live the journey, starting with food. More refined and sought after in the centers more accustomed to tourism, more spontaneous and homemade in the innermost countries where tourist flows are scarce. While fish and other dishes in the more touristy coastal towns are more sophisticated and elaborated, we find honest and wonderful tasting home-style cooking in the inland villages, where the locals are still mostly among themselves. Thanks to the cooperation with some local associations, it is possible to rediscover old traditional specialties and flavors and thus experience what characterizes the entire trip: authenticity!