4th stage: Among the green and flowery hills

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The fourth stage leads us inland, but always offers wonderful views of the sea. The ambience is rural and the landscape is rough and furrowed by deep valleys. The villages seem to stick to the slopes and are inhabited by proud and hospitable people. This also applies to our destination Laganadi. The area presents itself at its best, especially in spring, when the meadows turn into a sea of flowers and the plateaus glow deep green. The part of the Aspromonte that belongs to the Aspromonte National Park rises in front of us and we hike along the border during this part of the trek.


Fact sheet:

Municipalities: Fiumara, Calanna, Laganadi

Difficulty level: medium

Start: 221 m above sea level

Target: 544 m above sea level

Maximum altitude: 786 meters above sea level

Minimum altitude: 137 meters above sea level

Difference in altitude: 702 m up, 242 m down

Hike from Fiumara to Laganadi

Walking time: approx. 6/7 hours

Drinking water: at the departure and at the arrival

Clothing: adapted to the season, long trousers recommended

Catering: picnic