1st stage: The trace of the fishermen-farmers

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The AsproMare trek begins with the stage, which we consider the most spectacular of the entire trek. It is a halfway path overlooking the sea in one of the most beautiful places in the entire Mediterranean. Here the coast rises vertically up to the altitude of 576 meters of Monte Sant’Elia allowing a spectacular 180 ° view of the southern Tyrrhenian Sea, from the Strait of Messina to the promontory of Capo Vaticano passing by the Aeolian islands and the Stromboli volcano. This sea and its stretch of coast have witnessed the evolution of the ancient history of the “fishermen-farmers” and the old terraces on the slopes are considered proof of this.



Fact sheet:

Municipalities: Palmi, Seminara, Bagnara

Difficulty level: medium

Start: 575 meters above sea level

Target: 0 m above sea level

Maximum altitude: 575 meters above sea level

Minimum altitude: 0 meters above sea level

Difference in altitude: 782 m down, 208 m up

Hike from the summit of Monte Sant’Elia to the cliff of San Sebastiano

Walking time: approx. 6/7 hours

Drinking water: on Monte Sant’Elia

Clothing: adapted to the season, long trousers recommended

Catering: picnic